• General Questions

  • What is LeadLake?

    Business Lead Search Engine, Lead Prospecting Tool.

    LeadLake is a Business Search Engine that analyzes millions of data points on buying intentions, information and make it efficiently available to the user. It assures data through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart querying and indexing, which scans through Social Media Platforms, Forums, Marketplaces etc. Uses AI to know which Buyers, Journalists, Investors, Influencers are Interested in your domain.

  • Who can use it?

    Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small and Large Businesses, MNCs regardless of their industry domain.

    LeadLake is currently serving more than 186 industries and can be used by any business professional who is looking for sales leads. Local to Global, small to large organization, Start-ups to established MNCs can benefit from LeadLake. LeadLake is not any industry specific or geographically limited tool.

  • How LeadLake can help grow my business?

    Real Time Qualified Leads, Company Insights, Contact Details, Business News

    LeadLake helps in finding the right prospect at the right time when someone in the world wide web shows interest in buying your product or service. Backed up with Intelligent Search, NLP and Machine Learning lets you accelerate sales through most relevant engagement.

  • From where do you find leads?

    Company Websites, Social Media Sites, Classifieds, Marketplaces, Tenders, Forums and many more.

    We also cover new Business and Marketing opportunities through News Analysis, Networking, Franchise Opportunities sales Intelligence etc. LeadLake searches variety of websites for fresh leads. Refer to our Explore section for in-depth information: https://www.leadlake.com/explore

  • Pre purchase Questions

  • How do I purchase a subscription?

    • Step 1- Take a Free Trial
    • Step 2- Choose the plan that suites you the best.
    • Step 3- Make Payment.
    • Step 4- You're all set! Done!

    LeadLake currently has 4 subscription Plans - Basic, Pro, Enterprise and Platinum. Each of these plans come with different set of features and chooseable duration options. (Discounts for long term plans). Find more details at www.leadlake.com/pricing

  • Do I need to enter Credit Card Details for free trial?

    NO, and No Hidden Charges.

    You don't need to enter your payment details for free trial. LeadLake accepts all major payment methods and user needs to make the payment at the time of subscription according to the plan they choose. All the prices are inclusive of taxes and any other charges, if any, and you won't have to pay anything over the subscription price.

  • Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel after purchase?

    Take a Free Trial You won't look back.

    LeadLake gives 7 days free trial and we recommend to evaluate the features in this period. However currently Leadlake does not have any refund policies for subscription cancellation. If in case of overcharging or repeat payment, please drop a mail at support@leadlake.com and we will take care of the issue.

  • Discounts and Coupon Codes

    Enter the code at the payment checkout page.

    LeadLake might run number of Discount Programs with different terms and conditions, if you have got a Discount Coupon, add it at the payment checkout page and your total subscription amount would be immediately discounted.

  • Exploring LeadLake

  • Can I download data?

    Yes. Company Details, Investors, Leads, Emails, Contact Details all are in Downloadable format.

    Currently we have Backend Tech Co. Download, Leads on Web, Tool Companies, Leads with Email, Investor Data Download, Apps Companies Download. OnBoarding Process will also help you recommend all the related data available in downloadable format for your sales.

  • Are there any in-built data management features?

    Bookmark, Add Note.

    Manage your Leads effectively, mark Important Leads, Add a Note to them. Get access to all those leads collectively in Bookmarked Leads; the single window panel to manage all your Important Leads.

  • What Languages LeadLake supports?


    LeadLake currently supports English and is in process of developing ways to incorporate most of the languages and translation of languages around the world.

  • Return on Investment

  • What kind of leads do you provide?

    Qualified, Fresh and Categorized according to Sources.

    The data is provided from various sources and categorized into following categories.

    • Leads
    • Companies
    • Opportunities

    You can find company details, the technology behind the scene. LeadLake tracks the user when someone expresses their needs on Social Media, Classifieds, Forums, Marketplaces site.

  • What ROI can I Expect?

    $0.001 per Lead Link, You Save $3513+ per month.

    You can access more than 100 Million+ Lead links to grow your business. Stop overpaying for many different products. Get all business information at one place. Each Lead costs less than $0.001 - your returns are exponentially high. With right Lead conversion techniques you can grow your business to new heights.

  • What are the differences in the Basic, Pro, Enterprise and Platinum subscriptions?

    Subscription Plans to choose that fits you Best.

    These are the subscription plans and each one of them comes with different set of features.

    • 1. Basic plan is for someone who does not need to download any reports and only wants to view search results on web. It's best suited for startups or individual freelancers.
    • 2. Pro, Enterprise and Platinum plans gives you access to more reports and better insight as per your needs.

    Choose that fits you best. Please refer to this link for deep analysis of the features.

  • Are there alternatives to LeadLake?

    No other tool provides this wide and deep information

    LeadLake has a wide range of offering Leads Companies Information, Social Media Leads, Classifieds Leads, Marketplaces Leads, Business News, Journalists, PR Opportunities, Events, Influencers, Franchising Opportunities, Webinars and more. You could find tools that provides information individually. But the cumulative price for subscribing to each one, for this range of targeted leads would definitely be too high, plus the multiple login and interface chaos.

  • Email Lists and Business Lists

  • What are Email Lists?

    Highly targeted Consumers Lists. Offering more than 500 million email IDs.

    LeadLake provides highly targeted email list segmented according to their area of interest and helps you reach the exact target audience by interest type to advertise your products and services.

  • What is Business List?

    Download industry wise List of Businesses with Contact information.

    Find new opportunities and explore millions of Businesses across hundreds of industries and markets around the globe. Get your product to the consumers most likely to buy through targeted and segmented business details.

  • How to use the lists?

    Lists downloads are for anyone who wants to reach exact-target audience.

    The lists are segmented according to the industry type and interest. From an individual blogger to multi-national giants can use the lists to spread the word and reach to their exact audiences. Target the Companies knowing their background because informed sellers are effective sellers.