About us

LeadLake is a vertical search engine to crawl, index and rank global business information and make it easily available via a supreme search algorithm to end user.

Imagine a business landscape where you know who is looking to buy from you in real time or online communities buzzing about topics related to your business at this very moment. An algorithm letting you know which are the business events you can attend today in your area or analyze millions of news items and find patterns that only expert business analyst can find for you- all through a simple search bar.

With an aim to be a one stop lead generation tool for companies and entrepreneurs we have built a platform with features such as custom lead tracking, list building, subscription management etc.

Our vision for LeadLake is to make a complete business platform with news, events, trends and networking opportunities helping businesses grow.

Our sincere efforts are to make sure that our end users save their valuable time on searching and filtering relevant data and instead invest the same time in actual pitching and booking new business. By giving not just raw data but analyzed detail information we want to enable business teams to make better business decision while choosing clients, networking opportunities, track competition and improve business performance.

The Vision of LeadLake is to Empower you with the most Relevant and Recent Business Data