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Module Competitor Pricing LeadLake Pricing
Leads On Web $2000
Companies $995
Tenders $300 $19
Journalists $150
PR opportunities $95
Mobile Apps $59
Influencers $63
Total Saving $3583

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LeadLake has few features which are directly similar to some products in the market. Our customers are saving thousands of dollars by migrating from our competitors, having lesser dashboard screens and paying separately for each of these products. As it can be seen the cumulative saving on cost and the ease to access information at one place makes LeadLake one of the best products out there.

Answer to: Where is My Next Client?

Innovation !

Following is exclusive data provided only by LeadLake. These particular modules are innovations done by our developers and data analysts to offer greater user experience and value additions for business around the globe. The savings on this module would add to the above calculated number. These modules will help unearth better business lead links across the World Wide Web.

Total Saving
Why Us ?

Precision Targeting for your needs and in your budget

LeadLake Competitors
Fresh Data offered
Answer to where is my next client?
AI and machine learning
Smart Search
Global Data sources
Hidden market captures
Predictive intelligence
Linked web insights
Lead management
Contact Information
Daily Data update
Cost per lead $0.001 High

$0.001 per Lead Link

Our advanced technology makes it possible to scale, analyze and store massive business information thus plummeting our price

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