The science of
Web Lead Generation

Its smart marketing without lifting a finger


Machine Learning

We use machine learning algorithms to find hidden web pages relevant to your business across the World Wide Web.


A set of natural language processing algorithms classifies the content found in appropriate categories for easy access.

Intelligent Search

The huge underlying data is able to be queried through an intelligent search layer on top of it.

We want to help you generate leads which are most
appropriate to your business growth.

A single right web-link makes all the difference!

Use Artificial Intelligence

Expand business with AI powered sales and generate Leads whenever a prospective client shows a buying intention. The buying intention can be through a spectrum of mediums- from news to single tweets- we monitor them all.


We Deliver Proven Results

  • 10x More effective than traditional marketing

  • science37
  • More data than any other Lead Generation Tool

  • 5M+ Companies contacts
    7M+ Direct email ids
    4M+ Phone numbers
    50K  Daily Lead Links


Potential returns: 40:1

Targeted email marketing helped to generate $40.56 for every $1 invested according to a 2011 study by the Direct Marketing Association.

The Next Generation of Sales searching technology

How Sales Prospecting Works

Identify prospects, know their spending authority and determine when to close the deal

Crawl World Wide Web

Our crawlers scan the web 24/7 to find hidden web pages deep in web. Business professionals need real time data as it originates.

Analyze web pages

Natural language processing algorithms understand the relevance of each web page and remove noise from the terabytes of data we crawl.

Classify content

LeadLake data engine classifies each web page's content into categories by tagging in appropriate section, vertical, source type and ranking.

Intelligent Search

The easiest way to find the data you need is by using our intelligent search layer that helps in indexing, ranking and mining the most appropriate link.

Lead Management

Go one step ahead by managing the huge amount of generated leads by an integrated lead management system, Leads Download system and download functionality.

AI Powered Sales Search