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Now quickly access domain's whois database. Over 1 Million domains at your fingertips. With our services you will be able to get vast amounts of updated data downloaded on your machine.


  •  Active Whois records
  •  1 million plus active TLDs
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Global Whois Database

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What's Inside

1+ Million TLDs

WhoisDB lists lets you quickly access domain's database through Domain name, Registration & Expiration Date etc.

Unlimited Potential Leads

Regardless of how you choose to use our databases, they're an awesome source of leads for your business.

Affordable Pricing

Quality data in the fraction of amount you would be paying for the same fresh data in the market.

Popular Domain Extension

We provide customers with a full list of all top 1 Million domain names with their whois information.

Easy to Use

All the information is well parsed and normalized to a consistent format for easy integration with your business processes.

Instant Download

Download the data with most easiest way, all WhoisDB data will be available in .CSV format for better integration.